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As the Hackathon Queen, I'm proud to help you get to the next stage in your innovation journey. Whether it's speaking at an event, running a hackathon, designing a workshop, or bringing your staff up to speed on the latest trends, I'm here for you. You'll find me on various social media platforms sharing knowledge, events, job opportunities and more. I am a highly motivated, curious and compassionate leader with a keen interest in driving entrepreneurial culture and pioneering Melbourne’s esports industry. I have founded several tech companies and, as a result, sits at the forefront of this city’s science, tech, esports and startup scenes. Everyday I get to create awesome experiences, and I hope I can be part of your next amazing experience!


With over 80 hackthons under my belt and a multitude of other events and workshops, I'm your girl for the job. For a full list of everything I've been involved in, you can check out my personal profile website here.

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Want to spark some innovation? Hackathons are a great way to solve real world problems in short timeframes. These unique one to three day events are situated around formulating creative and innovative solutions to challenges you face everyday.


A little more in-depth than hackathons, these workshops are designed to work with you and your staff, giving them the skills they need to work in the new digital age. Workshops can be included in hackathons. Some of the standard workshops I run include "Pitch Like a Pro" and "Lean Canvas".


Only have an hour or so to spare? I've spoken at conferences, expos, workshops and more. Some of my topics include "AI in the Workplace", "Technology Doesn't Equal Software", community engagement, esports, and the future of work.

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